Apps4Ag business model and sustainability


As a commitment to follow-up on the ICT4Ag conference held in Kigali, November 2013, CTA is investing €500,000 annually (from 2014 until 2017) into the Apps4Ag initiative and galvanising other stakeholders with interest in the ICT4Ag sector for long-term investment. CTA welcomes partners’ involvement as the Apps4Ag database project evolves.

With years of experience analysing ICT4D initiatives, CTA is aware that without a sustainable approach, the value of the database will fade away with time. As a result, steps are being taken to keep the database as up-to-date and responsive as possible. With an open-source technology, crowd sourcing of new apps will be used to supplement in-house research by CTA. The database is expected to be interactive with a feedback and update form for users to submit information on applications that are not currently in the database or for developers to correct/update information on their solutions. Feedbacks and new submissions will be received, validated, and updated by CTA for quality purposes.

Target audience
The project is expected to directly impact activities of users, ICTs/mobile app developers; funding agencies; and policymakers. Successful utilisation of the framework could lead to adaption and use in other sectors such as the health sector and for other rural development issues.

  • App developers
  • Investors
  • Users
  • ICT4Ag project implementers;
  • Intermediaries such as extension workers and international development organisations
  • Agricultural researchers
  • Policy and decision-makers
  • Stakeholders from other sectors such as health and education.

The database is a resource for users to make their own decisions on ICT applications based on their agricultural projects. Learning from this project could also be used to inform future knowledge management tools for ICT4Ag.

The Apps4Ag database is led by CTA with support from other partners.

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