ICT and entrepreneurship for inclusive agri-food systems


This interventional area is about taking advantage of the significant opportunities for entrepreneurs (in particular, young ones, who are more likely to be familiar with ICTs) to modernise value chains through the introduction of ICTs at many different levels.

This may be seen in the areas of providing advice to farmers, provision of outsourced services (such as spraying, using UAVs for monitoring crop health or ensuring optimal distribution of inputs) and marketing support.

It involves capacity building for local entities (such as intermediaries including farmers organisations, farmers and young entrepreneurs) to identify these solutions, to adapt them to local needs, roll them out and manage the resulting ventures. Strengthening business services by young ICT agro-entrepreneurs and enhancing effective use of ICT services by young farmers will be explored.

CTA will proactively identify nodes within the value chains where availability of ICT applications is weak and stimulate innovators to address the gaps for example through hackathons.

Other activities that will help generalise systems that help convert large amount of data that are increasingly available into actionable intelligence for smallholder farmers will be developed and implemented. It will test new approaches, to help provide proofs of concept that can guide future developmental work.

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