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The AgriHack Talent Initiative is CTA’s flagship activity for youth ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector. The AgriHack programme encompasses a series of activities at the heart of which a software coding competition is organised, usually held as a hackathon.

It is followed by an incubation process through which capacity building on ICT entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector is provided to young talents. The best products developed are also promoted. Before hackathons, awareness is created for all participants on the opportunities that agriculture offers to ICT developers. Multi-stakeholder collaboration between ICT and agricultural actors are ensured from the onset and throughout the programme.

Within this activity, the following have taken place:

  • The East African AgriHack Championship, the first AgriHack event hosted in the framework of the ICT4Ag Conference in Kigali, Rwanda in 2013. The best participants and applications that have emerged from it include Ensibuuko (Uganda), Farmdrive (Kenya) and Agrinfo (Tanzania).


  • Other AgriHacks will take place in West Africa (Benin, Togo, and Nigeria). Updates are available on the AgriHack Talent blog.
  • Start-ups were launched as a result of the AgriHack Talent initiatives, including mobile application development and incubation processes. For example, the overall winner in East Africa, Ensibuuko from Uganda, is now operating a mobile service that facilitates management of agriculture finance. 400,000 farmers are currently using the application and they have launched other new services (such as access to solar energy). FarmDrive, another start-up launched in Kenya, will train 500 young farmers on agriculture record keeping using their mobile application.
  • In 2016 activities, about 500 young developers would have been trained through AgriHack activities on ICT application development and on business plans and models design for ICT services for agriculture.
  • In 2015, 95% of participants in the Durban AgriHack activity declared that the program raised their knowledge on business models for offering ICT services for agriculture.
  • Two ICT applications addressing climate smart agriculture issues have been developed during the Durban AgriHack Talent Challenge. They will be finalised through an incubation process in the coming months.

Website: http://hackathon.ict4ag.org

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