Promoting the application of ICTs for value chains development

ICT Update

Promoting the application of ICTs for value chains development and agricultural and rural development policies and strategies

Enhancing institutional and grassroots capacity in the use of ICTs

DSC04371Capacity building in ICTs for agriculture has the fundamental purpose of enhancing institutional and grassroots capacity to influence agriculture and rural development policy processes and support increased efficiency of agricultural value chains.

ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture by youth

PLU__3254Youth constitutes a large share of ACP countries’ population. Unemployment and working poverty are major problems among youth. The project focuses on fostering ICT-enabled innovative opportunities for young agro-entrepreneurs and being operationalised through partnership projects.

Promoting Enabling Environments and Uptake of ICT Solutions (PEE-UIS)

IMG_8554ICTs are playing a critical role in both supporting stakeholders in agricultural policy processes and value chain development. While the uptake of ICTs by millions of smallholder farmers is low, there is a strong and growing awareness and willingness by the actors to integrate ICTs into agriculture.

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