E-agricultural strategies  


This activity involves the development, promotion and implementation of e-agriculture strategies at national and regional levels across ACP. A partnership with FAO and the International Telecommunications Unions (ITU) to produce and implement a guide on e-agriculture strategies is currently ongoing. This reference material will help ACP countries’ agricultural sectors to better harness the benefits of ICT integration into all agricultural activities and value chain segments through using more effective strategies. CTA coordinated the production of two chapters in the guide.

A validation workshop in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2015, hosted by FAO ensured effective mainstreaming and use of the strategies by ACP stakeholders. Preliminary results from after event feedback surveys indicate that there is increasing networking and information sharing among direct beneficiaries, and communication with indirect beneficiaries to influence policy processes and value chain development. There are plans to support the promotion and the actual use of the guide in ACP countries.

  • Promotional activities, including a publication on ICT uptake and strategies for agriculture value chains in the Caribbean were developed in collaboration with the Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute (CARDI).
  • CTA will support, in collaboration with FAO and ITU, the development of e-agriculture strategies in Vanuatu this year.

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